Parent Workshop

Methods Manual

Methods Manual

This "work-in-progress" EBook by Dr. Waid examines in detail the methods behind The Math Gym games and tutorials. Much of it is an elaboration of W.K. Clifford's great book "The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences". First published in 1876, it appears to be largely unknown to modern educators. This EBook will be continually updated until it covers all of primary and secondary education.



These Mini-Math Talks are short PowerPoint presentations that you can use with your children. Originally designed to cover math that The MathGym-1D game uses but doesn't teach, they have been expanded to include, among other things, a new way of getting kids to understanding the methods of solving equations by treating algebra as a language.

Coaches Corner

Coaches' Corner

Parents, you were your students first and best teacher. Now you become your student's personal math coach. Teachers, your greatest allies are concerned parents. Our coaches will give you tips for helping your students learn math as well as game strategy. The Math Gym games will help your students remediate (if necessary) and accelerate to higher levels of math. They will amaze you with their abilities and capabilities.

STEM Links

Go here to get links to selected websites with educational resources for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. There are many, many more websites available, but this will get you started. Students will not be able to access these links.