The Math Gym is a subsidiary of The Waid Group Inc., a privately held corporation located in Houston, Texas. The Math Gym was formed in 2003, the realization of a lifetime dream of its founders Carter and Margaret Waid, both of whom have Ph.D.'s of Mathematics.

The Mission of The Math Gym is to make a lasting impact on mathematics and science education. We are dedicated to bringing the concepts and methods of modern mathematics and science to the preschool, primary, and secondary levels. We are particularly concerned with pre-adolescent children, for it is during this period that human cognitive ability is primarily developed*. We believe that this is the best time for children to learn the language of mathematics: at the same time they are learning their native tongue. It is very possible that children's brains will re-wire itself for math much like it does when the child learns to read and write.

We specialize in the development of games that give physical realizations of abstract concepts coupled with online instructional tutorials. We have chosen games as our primary medium for several reasons. First, children seem to be able to remain focused while playing the game far longer than in the normal classroom environment. Second, games provide a familiar environment for a child and that minimizes math and science anxiety. Third, competition makes children act and not freeze up.

We believe that games, fun games that challenge the mind, can be invaluable in augmenting instruction.

* NIH, "Cognitive Ability Mostly Developed Before Adolescence." Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, May 2007