MathGym-1D Board Game

MathGym-1D Board Game
was $100
(plus shipping $15 - weighs 5 lbs)

This exciting game was originally aimed at intermediate and middle school students to help them make sense and be comfortable with the ideas and notation of pre-algebra. The game targeted many areas students find difficult: negative numbers, variables, evaluating expressions using the proper order of operations, powers, mental math, and word problems. Because it uses geometric notions that all young children possess, we found that even 5 year olds could play the game using only addition initially: adding subtraction soon after. Five year olds have no trouble understanding variables since they are presented as "wild cards". No dice. No spinner. Instead, use number and operation tiles to construct a problem whose answer is your move! Kindergarten to Algebra I. One level to be able to advance to the next.

  • Game Board
  • 110 Number and Operation tiles
  • 2 Drawstring bags for Tiles
  • 5 Decks of 54 Workout Cards
    • Grades 1-2 (White Belt)
    • Grades 3-4 (Yellow Belt)
    • Grades 5-6 (Orange Belt)
    • Grades 7-8 (Green Belt)
    • Grades 9 (Algebra 1) (Blue Belt)
  • Answer Book With Complete Solutions To All Workout Problems
  • 1 Deck of Variable Cards
  • Play Money
    • 30 $50 Bills
    • 30 $100 Bills
    • 30 $500 Bills
  • 6 Playing Pieces
  • Rule Book With 12 Pages of Instructional Material Covering
    • Powers of Numbers (Exponents)
    • How to Compute in Your Head
    • Punctuation & Order of Operations
    • Solving Equations & Inequalities