Amoeba Math Game

MathGym-1D Board Game

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Have you watched young children play computer or video games? They can play for long periods of time with total concentration. It is this concentration that Amoeba Math brings to bear on the problem of memorizing the math facts. You can use flash cards, but for how long and with what intensity? Watch your children play Amoeba Math and decide which is better.

The Amoeba Math world is filled with microscopic creatures. Some are harmless and can be captured for points. Some are dangerous, the Amoeba, the Wicked Worms who will zap you if stepped on and chase you if disturbed, and the Deadly Diatom who ejects fire balls at you from long distance. These creatures are handled by throwing an eraser at them, often many times before they are destroyed. Every time you destroy an Amoeba a math facts problem appears which you must answer. You must destroy all the Amoeba

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7,
or an X86 Apple Macintosh running Boot Camp and one of
the above versions of Windows. 

Minimum RAM:

500MB, 1 GB Preferred 

Video Memory

32 MB Video Memory Minimum

800 x 600 Minimum Screen Resolution 


DirectX 8 or Above

The game can be played at four different levels of difficulty: Basic, Advanced,
Expert, Master; and each such level has 5 levels of increasing difficulty and
shorter time to answer. You can select whether to work on addition,
subtraction, multiplication, or division; by themselves or in any combination.
Basic Level, addition only, will playable by many 5 year olds. The first level
only deals with the numbers 0 to 3, the second level, 0 to 6, and the higher
levels with 0 to 10.

At the end of the game, your results are shown on the screen:

  • Difficulty Level
  • Time spent playing game
  • Average time to answer a problem
  • Number of problems worked
  • Number of problems worked correctly
  • Percent of problems worked correctly converted to A, B, C, ... scale
  • Total points scores\d for capturing or destroying various microscopic
    creatures that inhabit the Amoeba Math world.
  • Points scored per second